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First National Bank was founded on January 27, 1934, with the signing of the Articles of Association. On February 17, 1934 the Comptroller of the Currency issued the charter for the Bank. For the last 84 years, we have been a fixture in the fabric of the communities it serves. The mission is to build on the Bank’s rich history as an independent bank known for maintaining a reputation of sound integrity and fair dealing, provide quality financial services and promote growth and stability in the communities it serves, maintain safety and soundness while being aware of opportunities to grow, and refine its vision and instill a collaborative atmosphere to effectively achieve strategic goals.

The financial institution has five banking offices in addition to its George West location. The Three Rivers office opened on February 3, 1991 and relocated to its new, current location in 1995. The Floresville office opened August 11, 1997 and repositioned to its current building in 2005. The San Antonio office opened in leased premises on November 9, 2001 and relocated in to its new, current location in 2008. First National’s Pleasanton branch was opened in 2012 in a temporary building, with the new building completed in 2015. A Houston branch was opened in September 2013 and the bank was rebranded to SouthTrust Bank, N.A. In 2014 SouthTrust Bank, N.A. began its 80th year of delivering exceptional financial services to its communities.